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Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

A retailer was concerned about the safety and security of a few of their trailers that contained high-value freight in the upper six-figures $$. Pilferage was an issue as the trailer moved from origin to customer.                               

  Asset Tracking & Alerts

- Small portable units
-  7-Year Battery Life
-  True Satellite Connectivity
-  Editable Alert Parameters
-  Street-Level Mapping
-  GPS to Address Translation
-  Immediate ROI

A device was installed (on their trailers) that tied directly into myFleet's online monitoring system. In addition to the device, triggers were put in place to detect trailer door activity. The device communicated with a satellite system to provide real-time communication and Global Positioning (GPS) down to a few hundred feet. Any activity or trailer position outside of the normal scope triggered alarms to notify the proper authorities.


  • High-value freight can now be monitored 24 hours per day.
  • Alerts are triggered if a trailer door is opened outside of the permitted time window or if it is outside of the pre-determined GPS coordinates.
  • A map can be monitored via myFleet and the myLogistics Online website indicating the position(s) of the high-value freight.


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