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Our approach to business centers on making your logistics and supply chain applications more productive with cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned know-how. myLogistics selects our partners, outlined below, to ensure you get a robust logistics technology platform. More importantly, you get the tools and resources to scale your products and technologies as fast as your business infrastructure changes.

These corporate partners represent Best of Class in their respective industry categories. Thus, in partnering with myLogistics, they offer our clients the maximum return on investment (ROI) and business efficiencies for their services, products, and point solutions.


AXTracker is a self-contained satellite based mobile asset tracking device. The device is delivered complete and ready-to-go with no need for an external antenna or power source.


Chainalytics offers clients practical and proven strategies, technologies, and methodologies that significantly reduce total cost, enhance customer service distinction, and accelerate profitability.


Globalstar, which was established in 1991 and began commercial service in late 1999, currently offers service from virtually anywhere across over 100 countries, as well as from most territorial waters and several mid-ocean regions. Signals from a Globalstar phone or modem are received by the company's constellation of 48 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites and relayed to ground-based gateways, which then pass the call on to the terrestrial telephone network.

Industry standard, truck-specific routing, mileage and mapping software covering the complete North America highway and street-level system.

Wireless Matrix
Wireless Matrix is a leading provider of Wireless Data communications solutions to enterprises. We provide network services that connect companies to their remote assets, and hardware that merges multiple networks into a single communications platform. Our solutions help you break the boundaries of your business to realize greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and improved value from your assets, wherever you do business.


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