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myRoutes is one of the most comprehensive transportation routing and scheduling software tools on the marketplace today, and is a must for private or dedicated fleets, or any multiple-stop  network.

Routing Technology

Proven Savings
A comprehensive tool used for strategic design and tactical, day-to-day operational needs

Find out how myLogistics has delivered an immediate ROI for a number of  our customers...

  • Optimizes orders into shipments, and shipments into routes... consolidates smaller shipments into larger ones and develops multi-stop truckload routes.

  • Presents the most efficient mix of drivers and equipment based on rules and restrictions including: window times, appointments, driver DOT hours, volume and capacity constraints, etc.

  • Graphically interactive utilization charts, route sheets and maps. Drag and drop capabilities that dynamically updates throughout system when manual adjustments are made.

  • Extensive parameter details: driver DOT hours, continuous movements, relays, US/Canadian mix, custom mileage matrices, rush hour factors, etc.

  • Calculate variable costs, total mileage and total hours utilizing custom transit schedules or other mileage programs.

  • Can be utilized in a strategic design/engineering mode, or as a tactical, dynamic routing tool used in the day-to-day execution of a distribution network.

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